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Business Continuity Plan Notice

Capital Markets Elite Group is an online broker-dealer and asset management firm within the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. As a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (TTSEC), Capital Markets Elite Group is committed to providing our clients with secure and reliable access to their accounts. This commitment involves providing information regarding plans to address disruptions in our business operations due to power outages, natural disasters, or other significant events.


According to international standards, financial institutions are required to create and maintain a business continuity plan. Following these standards, Capital Markets Elite Group has developed plans to ensure that the business continues to operate with minimal interruption during business disruptions.


Our Business Continuity Plan is designed to help ensure that we can continue to provide service to you, to enable secure access to your assets and to continue our business operations as normally as reasonable regardless of any unplanned business interruption of different magnitudes.


The plan is designed to address key areas of concern including but not limited to the following:

  • data and records recovery;
  • all mission-critical systems;
  • financial and operational assessments;
  • alternate means of communication between Capital Markets Elite Group and its customers; and
  • alternate physical locations of employees.


Business continuity plan

In the event of any number of potentially disruptive circumstances, Capital Markets Elite Group has made it its utmost priority to have measures in place to minimize interruptions in our business. From the moment an issue arises to its ultimate resolution, we have our competent and expert recovery teams strategically placed to address any incidences with immediate effect. Our Business Continuity Plan is tested and assessed frequently to ensure that the proper procedures and resources are in place in conjunction with best practices so that effective execution can take place should the need arise. Our plan includes provisions for:


Single building or geographical disruption

Capital Markets Elite Group has an alternative physical location equipped with the latest technological systems that can be utilized at a moment’s notice to conduct business with little to no interruption to our clientele. Our alternate offices have been placed in a strategic location that is accessible to our staff should there be a disruption to our main office.


Technology disruption

Capital Markets Elite Group has a disaster recovery plan in place to ensure that all company and client information has been sufficiently stored and backed up by alternative data systems that can operate independently in the case of a technological disruption of our main systems. This plan includes the recovery and restoration of all data to its former functionality thereby ensuring minimal interruption of the flow of business and client operations.


Accounts access

Capital Markets Elite Group has gone to extensive lengths to ensure that its clients will have continuous access to their accounts should there be a situation that precipitates a consequential disruption to service. However, it recognizes that there still exists a possibility that momentary interruption or a slight deviation in the way in which accounts are accessed, can occur. Capital Markets Elite Group plans include the immediate notification of its clients to such changes via its website and automated telephone message channels.




Despite the best efforts of Capital Markets Elite Group, through its Business Continuity Plan, to mitigate or eliminate any potentially serious damages that can occur due to a sudden and unexpected disruption in business and service operations, a 100% exclusion of risk and/or delay is improbable. However, in the unlikely event that Capital Markets Elite Group is in a position where it will be unable to continue operations within a reasonable time frame, Capital Markets Elite Group will give ample notification and updates as such.


Please be advised that our business continuity plan is subject to change and modification. Capital Markets Elite Group intends to update and test its business continuity plan as business conditions and technology change. All changes will be posted to our website located at www.cmelitegroup.com.